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  Introduction   [author’s introduction and summary of world events in the 1930s on pages 1-12 of the printed edition]   Chapter 2: 1940   [summary of world events in 1940 on pages 13-14 of the printed edition]  

page 15 — January 1940

at Glatting January Monday 1st Today is my last day at Glatting [before going to Cambridge]. … As nearly all the snow has gone, I spent the day in my house [a small hut]. Mother came to lunch, we had hot sardines on toast and cocoa, and lots more toast and some Glatting nuts. After […]

page 16 — January 1940

Arrived back at 3.30 to find there is skating. I shall get my skates which were promised at Christmas tomorrow. WHOOPEE! [It was an exceptionally cold winter, and the flooded fens around Cambridge offered extensive areas for skating]  zsp   Wednesday 3rd … We got my skates and had them fixed [to] the boots. … […]

page 17 — January 1940

Thursday 4th Almost immediately after breakfast Margaret, Clara [a London evacuee, and her sister Lorna, were staying with us] and I set out to walk to Lingey Fen [to skate]. … To begin with, there were very few people there, but the number gradually increased. The ice was perfect compared to Grantchester meadows. … zev […]

page 18 — January 1940

… I played [ice] hockey with Leake and an air raid warden friend of his. Returned just in time for tea. zsp zfr Washed up supper and listened to Lord Haw-Haw [a propaganda broadcaster for the Germans]. … zdc zrd zpg [See note]   Saturday 6th There was quite a hard frost last night, which […]

page 19 — January 1940

Monday 8th Last night Tinker had two more fits, and the vet came at 5 o’clock to see him. zpt zil … the Bushells came to lunch. Afterwards we played ping-pong and at 2.45 they left. For the rest of the afternoon I learnt to knit—I am making a blue scarf. zhy zsp zcf Mr. […]

page 20 — January 1940

Monday 15th … Martin has gone to ‘somewhere in England’ to see the naval authorities about his hush-hush job. I will not see him until next holidays. …  zfl zhk José Cisneros goes off back to Spain tomorrow, he came to supper tonight—we will go to see him off at the station tomorrow morning. zrg […]

page 21 — January 1940

to Holt Friday 19th … After an early lunch Mommy took me to the station …At Kings Lynn we had to wait two hours, during which we went into the cabs of the engines … arrived at Holt an hour overtime. … ztv Wood, the new boy in the dorm, is in quarantine for German […]

page 22 — January 1940

Wednesday 24th … It seems I was wrong about our naval losses, another destroyer was lost by mine today, making 5 in all. All hands were lost, 175 of them. znb   Thursday 25th It thawed a lot today—all the roads are getting slushy and it is all wet everywhere. … In the afternoon I […]

page 23 — February 1940

about the election at Cambridge, and said he was a Conservative, BUT he knew who he would vote for, and afterwards he emphasised the But.  ztc zpl zfl I have kept my diary for one month now. zdw   Friday 2nd In the morning I had to take the absentees list down, as Sweet has […]