page 22 — January 1940

Wednesday 24th

… It seems I was wrong about our naval losses, another destroyer was lost by mine today, making 5 in all. All hands were lost, 175 of them. znb


Thursday 25th

It thawed a lot today—all the roads are getting slushy and it is all wet everywhere. … In the afternoon I tuned up my bicycle, while nearly everyone else snow fighted on the Beach. … zwr zcy

I got a letter from Daddy in the morning, he told me all about the election [to be MP for Cambridge University], and said he did not expect to get in. zfl zpl

[See note]


Saturday 27th

… We had a library period in English, I am reading Stalky & Co.[by Kipling]. zbn

In the afternoon I helped Watkinson rearrange the library, and lost two games of chess to B. … And then to end up with there were school films, 100 men and a girl. It was rather funny as it was a very old film and kept on breaking at critical moments. zsu  zgn zfm


Sunday 28th

I was bell fag today. I prefer Sundays for that job as there are fewer bells to ring. … Mr. Habershon [school chaplain] preached about the war. Quite good. zsu zrl zwg



Thursday 1st

Mr. Spencer [in charge of the junior house, Kenwyn, therefore my Housemaster at the time, and a Cambridge graduate] talked to me  ztc z pl zfl