page 21 — January 1940

to Holt

Friday 19th

… After an early lunch Mommy took me to the station …At Kings Lynn we had to wait two hours, during which we went into the cabs of the engines … arrived at Holt an hour overtime. … ztv

Wood, the new boy in the dorm, is in quarantine for German measles, and will not be coming for a fortnight. … zil

[See note (a)]


Saturday 20th

… I am slightly homesick, but I expect it will wear off after the first week. I had a hot bath in the evening, my [bath] nights are Tuesday and Saturday this term. zem zsr


Sunday 21st

I was much warmer last night, as my travelling rug and dressing gown had been unpacked. Woke up to find that there was a ‘blizzard’ outside, which had added about 3″ of snow. … zwr

There are hundreds of seagulls about here, escaping from the sea or looking for food, I expect. zwl

The navy lost another destroyer flotilla leader today by mine or torpedo. This makes our losses so far 1 aircraft carrier, 3 submarines, 1 destroyer and 1 other ship. The Germans have lost the pocket battleship Deutschland, 1 cruiser and about 40 submarines. znb

[See note (b)]


Monday 22nd

… In the afternoon I had my first French lesson with Mr. Frietters (?) who is a new master, a refugee from Germany, in place of Mr. Stubbs. He gave us rather a lot of prep. ztc zrg

[See note (c)]