page 18 — January 1940

… I played [ice] hockey with Leake and an air raid warden friend of his. Returned just in time for tea. zsp zfr

Washed up supper and listened to Lord Haw-Haw [a propaganda broadcaster for the Germans]. … zdc zrd zpg

[See note]


Saturday 6th

There was quite a hard frost last night, which seemed even colder as there was a mist which froze in the trees. … I went to Lingey Fen by myself. As there was a mist I could not see far, so I spent some time patrolling about looking for Leake. After I had been there about half an hour, he arrived with two hockey sticks and a puck (all home made) so we played hockey. After that we skated about together for the rest of the morning. … zwr zfr zsp

Margaret’s instep has been hurting her since she started skating this year, which is rather bad luck as she does not enjoy herself much. … zfl

I am reading a book called Larkrise, by Flora Thompson. zbn


Sunday 7th

… I developed a film in the morning, and then played marbles with Lorna. zph zgn zev

After lunch I went out to spend the afternoon with Charles Pickthorn  [a close friend from Prep school who was son of the current Tory MP for Cambridge] … we tried to cast a piece of lead in a mould of his but it did not work and he burnt his hand. After he had had some ‘Tannafix’ [ointment] put on it he was sick (he had already been sick once before I arrived), so I took my leave, so he could be sick in peace. … zac zfr zil

Tinker has scratched a nasty hole in himself and he wouldn’t touch his dinner, so I don’t think he can be very well. zpt

(Add. Tinker had the worst epileptic fit he has ever had and was very excited when he came to, so we gave him some warm milk and Bromide). zpt zil