page 20 — January 1940

Monday 15th

… Martin has gone to ‘somewhere in England’ to see the naval authorities about his hush-hush job. I will not see him until next holidays. …  zfl zhk

José Cisneros goes off back to Spain tomorrow, he came to supper tonight—we will go to see him off at the station tomorrow morning. zrg zhy


Tuesday 16th

Immediately after breakfast we went in the car to see José off. He was rather worried about the journey and Marie-Therese (his sister) was very sad and frightened about the sea journey. … zrg zdg zmh

[See note]


Wednesday 17th

The snow was only about 2″ deep in the morning, but it has scarcely thawed at all, and in fact most of the taps are frozen, even the hot taps. zwr

One day more of holidays! [I was about to go back to Gresham’s School at Holt, Norfolk, for my second term at the school.]