page 24 — February 1940

for Lent. It turned out, in the six o’clock news, that a man had found an escaped meteorological balloon and had dropped some cigarette ash on it. A very widespread and silly rumour. zro   Thursday 8th  … the head-master revised his statement of yesterday, saying that our Lent resolution must now be not to […]

page 25 — February 1940

chronometer [a very accurate naval clock] and some gas mask ends. S some uniform buttons. Lucky devils! zar   Tuesday 20th … Mr. R. drove us [three boys] and Mr. D’Aeth [a very nice Biology master who had been in a car accident a few days previously] to Cromer. … He [Mr. D] was going […]

page 26 — February 1940

looked injured innocence at him, the lying, double-crossing skunk that he is. More raids tonight?… zmb   Friday 23rd No; there were not any raids. It has now completely thawed, and we played beach hockey sometimes in breaks etc. … zmb zwr zsp   Saturday 24th … Con club this evening, Mr. D’Aeth was there […]

page 27 — February 1940

Wednesday 28th The latest craze is stilts, I expect I will make some … zgn [See note (a)]   March Saturday 2nd My birthday! I woke up at about 4 o’clock and opened the parcel – – A watch! a beautiful Mappin and Webb watch with a second hand … and a lovely velvet case […]

page 28 — March 1940

Sunday 10th Junior dorm a little rowdy before the bell went so I gave three people lines. … Frank sat with us at lunch. We discussed the war. zsd zwg … my last night in Junior Dorm for a week. A few people will have to report at 7.10; 7.15; 7.20 and 7.25, undressing and […]

page 29 — March 1940

Sunday 17th  Mr. A.C. Candler [physics master] preached in chapel. He preached a jolly good sermon I think—how Democracy is based on Christ’s teaching. … zrl zpn A miserable day, pouring with rain, so study rags [fights] started. We were besieged and had bad banana smeared on the windows. Mr. Spencer put all study members […]

page 30 — March 1940

Tuesday 26th … In prayers  the headmaster announced that as a war measure, straw hats and stiff collars would be abolished. I think we should have a bonfire. zsr [See note]   Saturday 30th … Freiter’s french period, and [we] tried to sing the Marseillaise, everyone ragged about. I’m afraid I haven’t been behaving very […]

page 31 — April 1940

Thursday 4th … Boston rang up and asked me round … He has a lovely Trix twin layout, and his mother had painted some very realistic scenery all round. He had lots of trucks etc. He also showed me his lovely gauge 3 steam engine, the ‘County of Northumberland’. That was a marvellous model. zfr […]

page 32 — April 1940

Tuesday 9th I rang up Boston and he came round and stayed for lunch. We sent the steam train once—she went very well, and then we played with Tinker and sat in the greenhouse. zfr zhy zmd zpt Horrible news! Germany has practically invaded Denmark and is invading Norway by sea. All her marines were […]

page 33 — April 1940

We went for a walk in the afternoon: through Scotchers Bottom and along towards the willow herb patch [this was in a crater, probably caused by an off-target sea mine. We called it the willow herb patch as this plant had been quick to establish itself, as in London’s bomb sites]. Just before we got […]