page 19 — January 1940

Monday 8th

Last night Tinker had two more fits, and the vet came at 5 o’clock to see him. zpt zil

… the Bushells came to lunch. Afterwards we played ping-pong and at 2.45 they left. For the rest of the afternoon I learnt to knit—I am making a blue scarf. zhy zsp zcf

Mr. Runciman (the vet) said that Tinker might have worms, that he was only to eat meat and vegetables (not biscuits), that he must not sleep indoors, and that his ear should have drops put into it as it hurts. He said that having fits does not matter at all [they were probably the effect of the ‘improver’ added to flour (agene)]. zpt zil zfd


Tuesday 9th

Wonderful news this morning. The Finns have won an even greater victory [against the Russians, who were not then Britain’s allies], and Russians are digging themselves in for the winter. … zlb zru

Tinker is much better, he had a pound of Horse or Worn-Out Cow Meat today and enjoyed it immensely. zpt zfd

The temperature is below freezing, and has been as low as 27°F [-2°C]. zwr


Saturday 13th

… In Romania and central Europe several people are dying of the cold, while in S. America twelve have died of the heat. zwr

We did the News Chronicle £100 crossword after tea. There are hundreds of alternatives, so it is very unlikely that we will win. znw zcp