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Diary from the Edge:
a wartime adolescence

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Anthony Ryle was twelve in 1940 when he started his diary. His daily record of life at boarding school and with his family, in Cornwall and Sussex, is set against the background of war seen through his direct experience, that of family and friends, and news stories of which he was an avid collector.

His diary is a rare insight into the life of a schoolboy heading for maturity in the early 1940s. It records the current of school tasks and escapades, cadet force exercises and holiday adventures, and his fascinated exploration of the natural world which surrounded him. Amongst these everyday things, his chronicle conveys the growth over four years of a reflective personality and the emergence of a radical political outlook, prompted by the global upheaval, and by a family tradition of social concern, anti-fascism and commitment to state sponsored health provision for all.

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