page 23 — February 1940

about the election at Cambridge, and said he was a Conservative, BUT he knew who he would vote for, and afterwards he emphasised the But.  ztc zpl zfl

I have kept my diary for one month now. zdw


Friday 2nd

In the morning I had to take the absentees list down, as Sweet has a cold. There were two at home, 4 in the San and 13 at Kenwyn, of whom only about eight really had colds. … zsu zil


Sunday  4th

… An awful Russian person came and preached, and there was a collection for ‘promoting good relations between Eastern and Western Christians’ to which I gave 2d. After the service I went up into the organ loft and listened to Hubby [Mr. Hales, music teacher] playing something. Lovely to look at the organ; all knobs and pedals and things. …  zrl zop zru zmu

[See note]


Monday 5th

… On the six o’clock news, they said the following “Today the candidates for Cambridge have been announced; there will be a straight fight between Dr. Hill, Independent Conservative, and Prof. J.A. Ryle, Independent Progressive”. A straight fight! Hooray! but I don’t expect he’ll get in because of the parsons. zpl zfl


Wednesday 7th

… we were called to Big School [the main assembly hall] and the headmaster said that the police had told him that the enemy was dropping toy balloons filled with gas or explosive which burst when touched. Accordingly he asked us to give up touching stray toy balloons zsr zar