page 74 — November 1940

Sunday 3rd

… In the evening I went to a camera club meeting. Mr. Oakley showed us how to touch up prints and how to project negatives on to paper and  shade them in. He did two very good drawings. Very easy. … zph zcb ztc


Tuesday 5th

… In Corps we had a lecture on a Browning machine gun. … zct zwp


Saturday 9th

At 4.0 we went to Mr. Hales—quite a good tea, he was very polite etc.; the idea being, I suppose, that we can’t rag him so easily. … ztc zsd


Sunday 10th

… After Rest I went and found Martin [MFW], and we went off in gym shoes; first down to the edge of the Gannel. Then we went and climbed in the quarry, Martin did quite a difficult climb. Then we went right along the Head and clambered about. Then Martin went absolutely mad. He said it was due to strong marmalade which he had had at breakfast. It was extremely funny, and very extraordinary. … zfr zem zdg


Tuesday 12th

… In Divinity I had an argument with Habershon on Mohamedonism v. Christianity. I never knew what it was before. …  zrl ztc  zag

Saturday 16th

… During rest we heard a zooming above the clouds and rushed to the window. A Spitfire did an almost vertical power dive to about 600ft, when it flattened out, circled once, and did a power dive straight into the sea. Ugh! It must have been going quite 500 mph.

zam zwc