page 63 — August 1940

Saturday 31st

We came downstairs at about 4. We heard two bombs—whistle bump!, they must have been about a mile away. The windows shook. Just as we were on our way back to bed the all clear went. zar

… to London Bridge where we met Mommy and Daddy, who had had a very noisy night. Glatting for lunch. Tinker very excited. zfl  zpt


to Glatting


Monday 2nd

… sent ‘Swallow’ [steam launch] which leaked. Martin rang up from Pulborough to say he was there, fetched him … zmd zfl


Tuesday 3rd

… I went for a long walk with Martin … zwk zfl

I bicycled to Sutton in the morning to get some cheese. I saw a plane trying to shoot a stray barrage balloon down, but it didn’t succeed. zcy zsh zad


Wednesday 4th

I sent ‘Swallow’ after mending the safety valve. She went much better, and Martin and me were quite exhausted from running after it. … zmd zfl

During lunch we heard machine gun fire. We saw quite a good battle, first a probable British one dived down on fire and landed near Amberley. Then a ? glided down and hit the hill beyond the hill beyond Bignor Hill. After both these two there was a big puff of smoke. Then later I saw two big ones shot down by two smaller ones, so I think they were Germans. Jolly exciting—Martin hated it. zam zfl zem

[See note]