page 189 — August 1942

at Glatting


Monday 3rd

… Margaret and I went and helped Martin clean his car in the morning, getting soaked on the way there and on the way back. zfl zdc zwr zmh

The news recently has been very bad; the Germans have crossed the Don at Rostov, and are overrunning the Caucasus, but are held further N. on the Don and in the loop a certain amount. Lull in Egypt. zru zlb zwf


Tuesday 4th

I started work for Major Shiner [at Coldharbour Farm, next to Glatting]. Hoeing from 9-12 with old (deaf) Mr. Bone, and from 1-3.40 with him and a land girl (Mrs. Hare’s daughter). I stood up to the exercise OK.  zhk

Friends of Margaret’s arrived—Margaret Clifton who’d been to Bedales, who is rather nice and fits in well with the family, and Pauline ? who brought her brother Colin (aged 13), who is rather shy. Both communists (all 3), the latter working class—she’s at Oxford. zfl zfr zpn zhy


Thursday 6th

Stooked (shocking up) from 9-12, 1-4. In the afternoon we caught up the binder, as the one broke (canvas torn). Pauline came too, and two more friends—called Vera and Mickey. I had to try and teach Vera how to stook, not quite without success. I hope there are no gales. zhk zfr

[See note]

Several of these girls are reading at Oxford Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and I was wondering if I might not do this. Now is the time to decide. Daddy has written to Ramage about my career, assuming that I will be a doctor. I must change now if I’m going to. zfr zca zmw zpn